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seventh annual artisan holiday market 2018

saturday december 1

Ooooooo! can you feel it taste it smell it? the crispness of autumn has hit us and that's a sure sign of what's around the corner!
christmas time, our favorite!

this year we are hosting our annual artisan event in our new diggs, the back forty studio!

are you a local artisan looking for a quaint gathering to share some of your handmade passion with the locals in the fort langley area?
then you might find it a breath of freshness to join our comfortable gathering nestled in the countryside
only a few spaces are available. we want to keep it sweet, stylish, intimate and well received ♥


we are bilic, olympia, bruno & bear bear!
located at 21999 96 avenue langley bc V1M3T8

this is our seventh year sharing our space with our locals, friends & families, we are delighted to invite you to our studio welcoming each of you and all our visitors with pure excitement! 
bilic is our guy, he will facilitate, help with set up, logistically keep all vehicles in check, be mindful of our needs and be our ever so cool welcoming dude
the exhibitors attendance fee $38
you are responsible for: your products, payment method, table, display, lights
you are welcome to set up on friday evening
(we will serve our lovely exhibitors pizza with refreshing bevy's prior to the event)

above all this, we have a damn good time! xo

got any questions? shoot us a YO YO HELLO right HERE