dream a little dream

a cozy familiarity I felt when I first stepped into Crafthouse on Granville Island many years back, a quaint space where all that is made with local hands and local love is curated. a powerful feeling envelopes me as I know each piece is made with the utmost care paired with magnificent stories. I get a sense of excitement, which enthusiasm drives my curiosity, which powers endeavours, which fosters my growth

what was once a nonchalant breeze of imagination, has grown into a reality. not knowing then that I would pour my heart in this passionate trade for many years and devour it dearly to muster up the balls and submit an application to this distinguished council

today my heart swells and sings! I am delighted to share and honored to be an artist accepted and recognized by the Craft Council of British Columbia and proudly sitting in their display at Crafthouse is my hard loved playful work

it doesn't hurt to dream, but when ambitions become reality the feeling is ridiculously grateful as I witness myself grow into this little dream xo O

(my delicious primitive choker and wild reticulated moon pendant is part of a collection of pieces showcased in Crafthouse; please take a trip into the infamous Granville Island and enjoy all that is made with love by impeccable british columbian artists)