once a year

in the fall of 2012 I took an immersion blacksmithing course at my local village forgery .. this day introduced me to the 3000 year old traditional technique of hard core dirty down right blacksmithing!

I heated steel using a coal fueled forge; hammered, tapered, twisted and anvil'ed the crap out of them, then quench hardened and tempered each piece, and formed a fabulous series of tools for my trade, one of them being this beauty - my urchin pik:

that holiday season .. my sea urchin cuff was born 

I vow to offer original hand forged pieces and when it comes to the sea urchin cuff I hold her creation deep in my heart. although thru the years she's been replicated, each cuff is unique and authentic - every blow of that hammer creates its own identity made with unfiltered love; no two look alike, feel alike or worn alike .. they are truly one of a kind ♥

a little glimpse of her birth:

once a year another hugs a sweet wrist, those who have them can vouch their love for them .. she may come with a story, but its up to you to give her the journey xo O