home away from home

I write this as I lounge in the comforts of my guru's quaint home in false creek, just moments away from granville island where I have had the pleasure opening the doors daily of his baby "forge and form" his gold and silversmithing workshop in the big wild hippie city of Vancouver

it's where I began the delicate art of mixing gold alloys and learning the traditional methods of goldsmithing and silversmithing (catch the full story here)

Jürgen is authentic, kind, and a generous human, and he happens to be the second person (my husband is the first) that believes in me, embraces me with the most trusting open heart and encourages me to bloom like the wildest flower. his encouragement is the kind that resulted in entrusting me with his workshop, a gesture that speaks volumes 

these past few weeks I've encountered so many faces from all over the world, experiences and delightful memories that its simply overwhelming and I can't even begin to share my stories!

I invite you to contribute to that smile on my face and that happiness in yours, and come for a little visit on the island! share with me your love for jewellery, lets have a coffee and lets design something awesome for your body

soaking up every minute of this most enchanting experience ♥

xo O