olympia komianos

gold and silversmithing

“I admire the new tech world and what this industry has evolved in; however i crave to stay in the true authentic form of goldsmithing by keeping it traditional with old world techniques just as my mentor has guided me. lets be honest i never began making jewellery this way, i learned it only years ago under his wings, and i vowed i would keep his legacy going and one day if the opportunity arises i would share my knowledge to someone that can appreciate the value in hand made. although these traditions are not lost, they are fading and i would like to keep them alive by passing them on”
xo O


love is so simple, vibrant, raw, honest and alive

this collection was born from the simplicity and brightness of the little creatures that captured my heart at our barn in the fall of 2016

que in my little hatch-lings  

next collection: WAVE

fort langley & granville island, beautiful british columbia canada
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