olympia komianos

I am a firm believer in love and fate. 

although I have worked hard to be in a place in my life where I embrace my body, my mind, and my skill; I always sensed that the direction I chose, chose me. I trust that the strong words of my mother had something to do with it.

my mother my hero taught me that it didn't matter what you look like, no money in the world can make a person better or healthier, that a woman with skill, independence and comfort in her skin is the epitome of strength and beauty, that when you speak you speak to be heard, that when you love you love deeply, that whatever you choose to do it's with passion, that you should always listen to your intuition, that loyalty, respect and truth is the making of a genuine life, and that a man is as strong as the woman beside him and a woman is as confident as the man she is with, and at the end of the day .. follow your heart. 

my heart has lead me to this quaint fort langley town alongside a brilliant dude and three charismatic furry kids. not long ago I fell in love with this unique trade in silversmithing and goldsmithing, my biggest fan has been by my side, in my mind and in my heart with supportive creative visions every step of the way.

this is love and fate.

"espresso & hammers, oodles of love from my four-legged pals, handstands in the woods, big smiles with a dash of zesty fire are my essential ingredients to the powerful pieces I create.  my world is a happy one!  I pledge to provide you with a custom piece created with an unwavering flair for detail"

made with love, always xo