golden belle buds

golden belle buds_2018.jpg
golden belle buds_2018.jpg

golden belle buds


the floral belle collection blossomed in the spring of 2018 along with all the fresh new flowers peeking out of the ground intoxicating my senses with delight!

each one of my pieces in this collection are quite delicate, they have imperfections and no doubt unique from one to the next as each fold, crinkle, dip and crack is created with the most gentlest movement of hand forge and forming*

featuring here are my stud belles in my 750 (18K) dark yellow gold alloy, these sweet buds are approx 15mm x 8mm, polished then lightly finished with a delicate matte unrefined texture

all components of the earring and posts are made by me in my 18k gold alloy xo

*hand forge & form:
proudly these pieces are made fully by me, follow my process here to get an in depth look on how one piece is born. all my pieces are originals made with old world techniques, they will have slight unique differences from one to the next. but always made with love xo O

the pair shown in the photo may not be the ones you will receive, yours will be as whimsical and organic, perhaps sweeter xo

~ please allow 3 - 5 days for your custom pair to be created ~

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