red orange 14K gold wave bangle

red orange gold wave bangle.jpg
red orange gold wave bangle.jpg

red orange 14K gold wave bangle


she is brilliant
she is fucking gorgeous
she is my first bangle creation from the ounce of pure gold I received from my love :)

a beautiful red-orange gold 58.5 (aka 14k) a sweet 3mm thick and an approx interior diameter measurement of 2.5", with a dense weight and smooth mirror finish. she's most delightful!

"red orange" gold: otherwise known as "rose" but not really rosy more like blood orange and a romantic pink hue, she's my special recipe !

every little bit about her has been hand forged & formed* follow her story here


she may come with a story, but its up to you to give her the journey ♥


*hand forge & form:
proudly these pieces are made fully by me, follow my process here to get an in depth look on how one piece is born. all my pieces are originals made with old world techniques, they will have slight unique differences from one to the next. but always made with love xo O

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