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gold and silversmithing

“I admire the new tech world and what this industry has evolved in; however i crave to stay in the true authentic form of goldsmithing by keeping it traditional with old world techniques just as my mentor has guided me. lets be honest i never began making jewellery this way, i learned it only years ago under his wings, and i vowed i would keep his legacy going and one day if the opportunity arises i would share my knowledge to someone that can appreciate the value in hand made. although these traditions are not lost, they are fading and i would like to keep them alive by passing them on”
xo O

power of art

I am the daughter of immigrant parents, at the start of my life we lived in Montreal modestly and quietly, our funds were of little amount therefore arts and crafts was out of the question. one of my favorite past times was drawing birds, horses and flowers in the tiny corners of my school note books. my folks refused to believe that their daughter was going to express art as a means of talent let alone a career. they were passionate Greek parents with visons of success as a doctor or a lawyer. but drawing was the way I communicated and the way I expressed myself, its what inspired me, it was my language; nobody listened or recognized my skill, they just reprimanded me for making a mess of my schoolbooks. inevitably it had to stop

fast forward to my mid thirties, after heaps of years in the perpetual battle of the concrete jungle in the oil and gas industry, I unleashed my freelancing craft of metalsmithing, where did this talent bloom from?

it ignited from within. it never left me. I create all which inspires my soul, my mind and all that radiates my heart out of silver and gold

flashback to my favorite intricate drawing, this majestic arabian horse (pointillism sketch) 

although my passion was sketching everything I desired, the power of art aligned my journey and lead me in this destination of creating art from precious metal. I no longer sketch rather free handedly create my goldsmithing techniques on a sweet whim; creativity stayed within and continually stews into some delicious pieces daily xo O

fort langley & granville island, beautiful british columbia canada
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